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Going Green


HAGANS ROOFING is committed to making your roof energy efficient. With the State recently updating the California Building Code (CBC), Title 24 requirements, each project has to meet specific standards. Your options provide varying degrees of efficiency throughout the year.

One of our primary responsibilities is to help you understand your options to maximize your energy efficiency while staying within your budget.

  • “Cool Roof” Shingles
  • Increasing Attic Insulation or Ventilation
  • VentaRidge
  • Dormers
  • Solar Attic Fans

Roof Tips

  • Inspect Twice a Year >

    A frequent inspection is the most important preventative maintenance measure you can take to ensure your roof lasts for a long time. You should check your roof a minimum of twice a year, in early spring and late fall.  

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  • Stay Off the Roof >

    Walking on the roof can reduce it's lifespan. If you must walk on the roof, take extreme care, wear rubber soled shoes and make sure the roof is dry.

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  • Keep it Clean >

    Keep your roof and gutters clear of leaves, twigs and other debris.  Debris impairs the natural drainage of water and trapped water will rot a roof faster than anything else.

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  • Algae, Moss & Mildew >

    In addition to looking bad, algae, moss and mildew can trap moisture and shorten the life of your roof. Soaking the affected area with a diluted chlorine bleach solution, then pressure washing can be effective in removing these damaging growths.

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